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transport - mat mantlepiece
« on: February 10, 2004, 05:29:26 PM »
Hello again, I'm afraid this just won't go away, php meltdown or no.

It's called transport and it's by mat mantlepiece.  That's me, that is. I done it all by my own in 1998 on ProTools at great expense. There's probably only 600 of the original 1000 left, heh. It's all trippy and detailed and run together, so the excerpts herebelow probably seem a bit too short and mad. It sounds best when played just before the out-and-out chillout phase of an all-nighter, and also whilst baking on a Sunday, I'm told. I wouldn't dream of flogging it on here anyway. Rules y'know.

For the record, on the old forum, Gazeuse, blue jammer, Rovis Teffyd, Mentalist Posse and maybe Rodney Condiment liked it, and Dr David Vortesquesmithe and jutl were encouraging. Partridge's Love Child didn't like it at first and then nominated it for the VW top 1000 albums (old board) - but then he's a twat isn't he. I've had no word yet from others who got a copy, like Hands Cold Liver Warm < tappy toe à la Sonic the Hedgehog > Probably too awestruck to comment, eh.

It looks like this...

And it sounds like this...

terminal - 1 - 2 - 3
the fat man walks - 1 - 2 - 3
bikini billboard - 1 - 2
stupid (say what you don't) - 1 - 2
dog crash - 1
bless arseholes - 1
chapel perilous - 1 - 2
findaway - 1
whales and women - 1
yo hi plinky plonky interval - 1 - 2
hearts of gold - 1 - 2
yoko ono's logo - 1 - 2 - 3
la-la (it's not the drugs) - 1 - 2 - 3
van hel, he? - 1 (stupid hidden track)

Phew, that's some BBCode there. Tell us what y'all think. Not that I care. Cunts.

fanny splendid

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transport - mat mantlepiece
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Did you want a full on critique?

It's in my playlists if that's any consolation?

transport - mat mantlepiece
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Oh yeah, there was you too - thanks matey, an honourable mention indeed.

We may never see Music To Watch Girls Go By listed next to Fields Of The Nephilim again.


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It's really great! I ought to stick it on again later.