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{techy} encoding from Freeview
« on: July 24, 2004, 12:33:30 AM »
Anyone know why I can't get any sound when I tune into Freeview on my puter?  Instead of putting the RF lead or whatever it's called into the back of my telly, I ran an extension lead into the living room and stuck it into the back of my puter.  I tuned it in on my telly program, and channels 1 to 3 picked up fine and played with sound.  Channel 4 and Freeview, however, don't, they display fine, but they give me no sound at all.  I have been dicking around and found that if I change the sound input to "MSP Radio" then I can hear the sound, albeit behind a wall of interference.  Any ideas?  I wouldn't mind getting it sorted now so I could stay up and catch the Saturday Night Fry repeat.


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{techy} encoding from Freeview
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Crumbs, I managed to sort my proplems out by feckin about with the cables, introducing a computer to the equation increases the finicky factor exponentially (I've just been dying to say 'exponentially'). Rather you than me.
Sorry, thats absolutely fuck-all help isnt it? One thing I do remember from my 'Freeview and digital tv help' thread was that different channels are broadcast in little groups within a set signal range (or something), which was why I couldnt get 4 or 5 or ITV  when BBC etc was fine, so it stands to reason that if as you say BBC is fine for you, then it might be down to a similar issue.
I won't ask what tv program you use as I don't do this kind of thing so it would be no use, but seeing as I regularly figure out and programs on seeing them for the first time and show people who've used them for years how to do things straight away I've learned that most programs follow similar principles, and it does sound to me that your problem could be fixed in the TV prgram if you're receiving other channels ok. Are there advanced settings for each channel? Actually thats a stupid question, you've said you've tried tuning it there.
I would recommend checking that thread out though if you want to get more info tonight, its full of useful stuff, it might turn out to be something really simple that might click as you read through...

On a similar note, is there any such thing as a DVI or VGA to Scart Converter? My card has both, and I'm considering using my TV as a monitor (if only to watch films on sometimes, I understand the max resolutions whatever way you achieve it are bit a crap). I know this is completely the opposite of what you do, it s a general question to the floor for when Sheepy et al come in and make me look like an ignorant fool with their encyclopaedic (just been dying to say 'encyclopaedic') knowledge of TV technobollocks.

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