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Hell House LLC. Does so much more with its 'found footage in a haunted house' setup should be capable of. There are the usual "why the fuck are they still there?" moments, which is frankly an issue with so much modern horror, but it managed its scares really bloody well. Admittedly the girl sat against the wall in Phil's bedroom actually made me laugh at first, but that was partly at the gall of actually just doing that, it was such a brilliantly horrible image. I also enjoyed the lack of restraint at the reveal. Wonderful, exposition-free, 'what the fuck is going on?' stuff.

I trust the sequel is shit?

The sequel is indeed bloody awful. And there's another on the way.
Such a shame as the first LLC is one of my favourite films, Horror or otherwise, of recent years.

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It genuinely looks unfinished and rushed in every aspect - not properly written/planned-out, terrible casting, laughably poor editing and sound.  It looks like a rough cut.  There are these bits with green screen that look like something out of Decker.

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Clown (2014)

A man puts on a clown costume and then can't get it off because it's haunted or something. Tale as old as time. Some nice bits and it gets going quickly but then slooooooooowwwwwwwwsssss down in the second act.