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The Darkness of the extinguished soul
« on: September 17, 2013, 10:08:22 PM »
...or Michael Barrymore ponders a return to TV

I wonder if this will be similar to the Langham return in Black Pond (perhaps, Black Pool) or something more sinister. I can't remember exactly, but wasn't Barrymore a half-decent actor in the few straight roles he has played in the past?

Re: The Darkness of the extinguished soul
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Didn't he try to make a comeback of sorts a few years ago to absolutely no interest ? Maybe he just made a chat show appearance in Ireland or a reality TV stint in Australia but I remember thinking that he was trying to mount the comeback donkey with little success. I'm surprised he wasn't successful with the washed up rubbish that gets on the box these days. There's six thousand channels, you'd think at least one would have a spot for Barrymore and it's not like he did a rape or a kiddy fiddle or anything. He had a drag of a joint and an unfortunate man died in his swimming pool. I should probably shut up because don't know the ins and outs (ahem).