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Jerry Cantrell
« on: August 04, 2004, 03:30:12 AM »
I have a few Mp3's by this guy, and what can I say. Wow. In much the same way that Graham Coxon's post-blur career has been much better than I ever hoped for, Jerry Cantrell has superceded my expectations too!

Except I'm big Alice In Chains fan and I had high expectations. Even still, I was blown away. I have the songs, Hellbound, Leave Me Alone, Gone, Hurt a Long Time, Angel Eyes, Anger Rising, Pig Charmer and a few others. If the rest of his stuff is as consistant as this, then I'd go as far as to say this is better than Alice in Chains ever was.

I'd like to get an album by him, I've resolved to download Boggy Depot and buy the limited edition Degredation Trip 1 & 2 thingy. Does anyone know what the big differences are between the original 14 song Degredation Trip and the two-CD one?

Anyways, this is highly recommended, Cantrell rules.