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Super Game Jam (5 Part Mini-Series)
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I've seen this pop up in a few places, but wasn't entirely sure what it was until today, when I heard an explanation on a podcast.

Super Game Jam is basically a Documentary/TV Show type thing put together by the Devolver Digital guys. They're releasing an episode a month, which are a half hour.

It's basically just a digital TV show, where the premise is, they bring two Indie Game Developers from around the world, put them in a room together for 48 hours, and they have to make a game together that fits in with a given theme. So it's really small Game Jams, or if you're unfamiliar with Game Jams, 48 Hour Film Festivals and that. All the same premise.

Have an idea, and descope any bullshit and concentrate purely on making that one idea work good enough to support your entire production.

And like the oddly compelling and dramatic Double Fine Documentary, it's really, really good. And when you buy it, it gives you the prototypes, soundtrack, and deleted scenes and such for special features.

The first one has JW from Vlambeer, and a guy I was previously unaware of who's made some interesting looking games. And after watching them make it in only 48 hours, and actually playing it, it's really surprising. It's actually really properly fun. I won't spoil what it is, as it's better to watch them actually come up with it from scratch, but it has the classic Vlambeer[nb]And potentially Boesser's! Like I said, I've not played his work yet.[/nb] feeling, where it genuinely feels really thrilling to play.

The series is available on Steam for 20 bucks, and like I said, it's the equivalent of buying a series of a TV show. If this sounds interesting to you, then I highly recommend picking it up! It's reality TV, but reality TV that's actually aimed at me. I like it.

Re: Super Game Jam (5 Part Mini-Series)
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Thank you for the heads-up, I'll almost certainly buy this.

I also recommend Penny Arcade: The Series, in a similar vein

Re: Super Game Jam (5 Part Mini-Series)
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Oh - there's also Indie Game: The Movie, which is brilliant.


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Re: Super Game Jam (5 Part Mini-Series)
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adam drucker is the rapper doseone, not a game maker. this is mad!!! i knew he was doing music for games but this is mad!!!


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Re: Super Game Jam (5 Part Mini-Series)
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This isn't thing that swamped by corporate sponsors and devolved into absolute madness partway through, right?

EDIT: This thing:,41638.0.html Which was also a documentary about a Game Jam, although apparently a completely different one.