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Tim Burton's 'Hansel and Gretel' (1982)
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This is a delight. Like many people, I'm not much keen on the new hyper-saturated glib faux-ironic C.G.I. tedium of recent Tim Burton... but I do love early Burton! Mostly the ones in which the plots are rambling, the jokes are daffy and the love of 1950s rinky-dink Americana is on full display. This early work, only ever broadcast on television, predates (the wonderful) Peewee's Bid Adventure by a few years and, narratively, is a pretty straight fairy-tale adaptation. The visuals are sublime though... kind of reminiscent of Mark Beyer's Amy and Jordan comics and the American board-game Candyland. That snappy-mouthed duck from Nightmare Before Christmas even makes an appearance! It's genuinely odd and all seems rather (unintentionally?) Freudian. I don't much like the term 'outsider art' but when Burton's imagination is left unfettered he used to work close to that realm. There's a naivety and affectlessness on display that I find really charming. Anyway, I think some of you who enjoyed Burton's earlier films as sprogs will enjoy this.