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Zombies are so adaptable though. You can have a fairly fluffy romantic film like Warm Bodies, the social realism of In The Flesh, the gruesome death of the week show like Walking Dead and so on and so forth, all without betraying the basic concept. Then you get stuff like Pontypool that takes the general idea and gets more creative with it, or Dawn of the Dead (remake) that goes basic but amps it all up.

There are a lot of mediocre and bad zombie things at the moment but a good zombie film/show is still a great thing, for me.


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Yeah, I'm much the same. Even in the context of the times, I feel it's a poorly made film. The 'satirical' point of the film could be achieved in a photographed frame of the film, and I'd get the point, I'd not need to spend an extra 90 minutes watching that to get any more out of it. Also bikers having a pie fight was the fucking pits.

Pretty average film.

But hey, what do I know, I remember really enjoying the Snyder remake so surely I'm some fucking idiot.

The remake was very enjoyable but I strongly disagree that the original DOTD is an average film. I'm old enough to have seen the film around the time it was released and there really was nothing like it.  It's a masterpiece. The pie fight was fantastic, really daft and nasty, like the end of Night Of The Living Dead . How is it poorly made (without the benefit of hindsight)?