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Music movie file recommends
« on: August 27, 2004, 03:04:49 AM »
I'm just really after some recommendations, as recently I grabbed off soulseek

Channel 4_The Hip Hop Years_Documentry_by halo9.avi

I missed that the first time round, but enjoyed the one they did about House music, so it was nice to see that!

(And of course anyone into the hip hop music scene should check out Scratch - The Movie, Product Placement (DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist) and also DJ Shadow on tour 2002 in London)

There's also some great graffiti video rips:

Clockwork_Orange.Graffiti.Video.VHSRIP.GENCHA.ShareReactor. ogm
Symphony_of_Chaos.Graffiti.Video.VHSRIP.GENCHA.ShareReactor .ogm

I also grabbed some music videos

acen - trip 2 the moon.mpg
art of noise-moments in love.mpg
quadrophonia - quadrophonia.mpg
Man Parrish - Hip Hop Be Bop.mpg
Mantronix - Bassline.avi
njoi - anthem.avi
Saint Etienne - You're In A Bad Way.mpg
The Postal Service - Such Great Heights.mpg
The KLF - What time is Love America 92 Remix.mpg (daft as a brush!)
The Horrorist - One Night In New York City.mpg
cari lekebusch - live @ awakenings.avi
Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time.mpg
DJ Aladdin (USA) .avi
Dj Qbert & Mix Master Mike - 1995 DMC World Finals.avi
DMC 1988 World Finals - Cash Money.avi
Massive Attack - Karmacoma.mpg
My Bloody Valentine - Soon (PV) -.mpg
Ilegal.Drugs.3.LSD.Ecstasy.and.the.Raves.Cyclope.ShareConne ctor.avi

Quite a few different styles and that, keeps it interesting like.

I'm currently grabbing

Pump Up The Volume (History Of House Music in the UK).avi

If anyone knows of anything of interest they fancy adding, and include filenames for any rarer ones, that'd be cool :o)

All are emule plus friendly...