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Grumbling Fur
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I dig this band a lot. Daniel O'Sullivan from various experimental acts such as Guapo and Miasma & the Carousel of Headless Horses, and melancholy folk badman Alexander Tucker, making psychedelic electronica that's a bit like ... I dunno, RAVI SHANKAR MEETS NEW ORDER OR SOMETHING. I've only heard one of their albums - "Glynnaestra" - but I was pretty much sold on it as soon as I heard one track, and Tucker's music has always really interested me too. They've just put out a new album and I suppose having started this thread, that makes me obliged to listen to it. Let me know if you've listened to it yet though in case it's rubbish.


The Ballad of Roy Batty - This one's reet god man.

Alexander Tucker - Red String - This one's reeeeally good.