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Spectral Display (1982)
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I recently posted in the "Originals" thread about this band and their tune "It Takes a Muscle to Fall in Love" which was covered by MIA. My missus turned me on to the original, which I had no idea existed, and I loved it so much I had to hear more. Holy cow, what a gem!

There's a lot of ground covered in the 40 minutes of their one and only self titled studio release. Essentially synth pop, it stems from an obviously huge Kraftwerk influence and soars off into futuristic solo instrumentation that brings to mind the cult classic and apparently unwitting birth of acid techno, "10 Ragas to a Disco Beat", and experimental/pop divides similar to Throbbing Gristle's "Hot on the Heels of Love", both bewildering and seductive, with a smattering of angular post-punk vocal outbursts. It's flipping gorgeous, and a lot of fun. They've got less than 3K listeners on which leads me to believe not a lot of people know about them.

You Don't Know


It Takes a Muscle to Fall in Love

Unfortunately the spiky electro-punk "Knock Knock" isn't on youtube, as it represents a side of their music which isn't really touched upon with the above tracks.

God, it's ACE.

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Re: Spectral Display (1982)
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Re: Spectral Display (1982)
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Is that an EMS synth...lovely

Nice to see Shoulders back in the day.