Author Topic: Anyone want to give me some free music for a little clip I am making?  (Read 127 times)

I need some FREE music snippets for a video that I am making for work. 

It's for an African Forestry project.  About 6 minutes in length.  I need some bits to go over the intro and ending, over some nice countryside shots, inbetween talking heads, you know the usual schtick.

Anyone got anything suitable they wouldn't mind letting me use for FREE, just to be clear I can't pay anything it's got to be FREE.  But there might be some nice exposure for it.

I wanted to put Devoured By Vermin or We Have Explosive, or Yummy Yummy Yummy, I've Got Love In My Tummy, but the writers weren't interested.

Post it here, or PM me and I'll have a listen.  Thanks in advance.