Author Topic: Help!! Radio Jingles Needed  (Read 1691 times)

Help!! Radio Jingles Needed
« on: February 13, 2004, 02:39:37 PM »
As some of you may know I'm setting up an internet radio station and I would love to have some jingles stuck inbetween songs.

Being the ultra creative lot that you are maybe you can come up with some for me.

Ok there are some ground rules to follow though.

1. Firstly the jingles should be no less than 15 seconds long and no more than 45 seconds.

2. The name of the station is TSM Radio so I would like that mentioned in the jingle if possible

3. The station is purely for Independent/unsigned artists so some mention of that would be good as well.

4. The jingles need to be in MP3 format to work with the software I'm using but I guess this won't be a problem for most of you.

Thanks in advance you guys, hopefully I will get some corkers.