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Lords of the Fallen
« on: March 09, 2015, 07:37:56 PM »
This is an arcadey, dumbed-down yet more clunky version of Dark Souls I bought for twenty quid with PS+ discount, simply to tide me over til Bloodborne. I've played about an hour of it so far. It does make me wonder why they bothered. YouTube Dark Souls lore champ, VaatiVidya, did something on it before it was released and titled the vid Clunky Souls, from memory. Basically, that's accurate.

It looks pretty good but the art direction is beyond generic, no atmosphere at all. The enemies are cartoony and often just stand still, you can two-hand them to death before they even aggro. The first big boss did kill me first time around but then second go I learned there's only one window to attack, which is also totally foolproof. I'm going to keep playing it because I want to give it a fair go, and it will likely make Bloodborne feel even greater but I just wanted to warn anyone else. Don't bother, even at twenty quid.