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Poetic Journals
« on: March 26, 2015, 10:59:46 AM »
My favourite thing to read at the moment is poetic journals, the everyday being noted in a way that offers insights into the creative process and artistic sensibility of the poet's main works. Here are some examples and recommendations.

Phillipe Jaccottet - Seedtime.

Jaccottet has been translated and popularised my Derek Mahon. He writes very elemental and concise poems that paint the landscape in surreal and sensuous strokes. His journals are basically the same as his poems, everything worded exquisitely. Buelligan and any French speakers would love it in the original.

Fernando Pessoa - The Book of Disquiet

A sort of elliptical anti/ultra novel, a constant rain of melancholy refracted and dissolved in its own precise confusion.

RF Langley Journals are full of joyous descriptions of the Suffolk countryside, his writing is so thoughtful and delicate. A real treasure trove. Read alongside The Rings of Saturn.

JA Baker - The Peregrine is a classic of metaphysical soul searching nature writing. A big influence on many subsequent writers who only occasionally match the power of this incredible work.

Sara Maitland - A Book of Silence. She's quite annoying and smug but the experiments and references in the book are very interesting and great for getting your teeth stuck into. I've always loved the mania and Acedia of the mystics, heightened from devouring Cioran's superb Tears and Saints.