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Re: E3 2015
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What games are expected to be shown at this PC event at 1am?

I don't really want to stay awake any longer if I can help it.

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Apparently it's 2am now, despite what was originally announced so it's probably not going to be worth it.

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Highlight from the PC show was No Man's Sky being confirmed for a simultaneous release with the PS4 version. Or so I heard, fucked if I'm watching that.


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Re: E3 2015
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Nintendo didn't even have the best yarn game. I missed this one from EA's event.

Unravel -

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That's the third bloody yarn game so far.

Me, I want one with puppets. Specifically Starfox.

Since the SNES original with its cool cover, I've wanted a Starfox where it all looks like puppets, Arwings flying through space wobbling about on strings. I thought for a magical moment with the E3 puppet intro they were going to bloody do that but they bloody didn't.

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Re: E3 2015
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Right. Rare Replay pre-ordered. Can't wait!

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Some of the best hidden videos I've seen this year:

This Gametrailers discussion on No Mans Sky contains no new footage, but is a brilliant encapsulation of what the game is and what it's trying to accomplish, as based on an unseen demo, and on the expression on a developer's face. It hashes out the main issue folks have with the game, which is the 'but what do you actually *do*?' question. Takes them a while to get to the real answers, but it's well worth watching.

Same guys again here, with one describing in detail the unreleased 2nd half of the Uncharted 4 demo that we didn't get to see, and how it's convinced him this game can live up to or even exceed U2:

Elsewhere the Nintendo Treehouse folks have been doing great work showing off real gameplay from upcoming titles that shows a lot more than the flashy trailers.  Here's Starfox Zero as played by someone who doesn't suck, showing some of the more advanced strategies, ship transitions, later levels and how the path-splitting can work. It makes the game actually look really interesting to play, using the two-screens etc:

Here's some actual gameplay from that SMT/Fire Emblem game, which turns out to be a lot more like Persona than FE imo, with real-time dungeon wandering and turn-based JRPG combat all dressed in a flashy neon JPop aesthetic. I could get into this.

I'm sure there's more, but I thought these were interesting.

EDIT: One more, there's no Nintendo F-Zero game, but these guys are making one anyway, here's Fast Racing Neo:
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Re: E3 2015
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There's a lot of people confirming that Uncharted 4 is indeed made up of many open world levels with very seamless cut scenes. You have full control over where you drive that jeep in the gameplay clip they showed. So although things look scripted I guess its just very clever enemy AI thats going on.

This is a really interesting technical breakdown of what was shown at E3

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Yeah, the fact that they also apparently showed that jeep chase taking a few different routes down the hill to demonstrate the freedom and open level design is incredible, and a welcome change from the limitations of the previous ones (I remember noticing it especially in 3).


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Re: E3 2015
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If they can pull that off it will be pretty amazing. I don't see how the voice ating can work in a more open world game, but I'd love to be proved wrong.

U4 is the only thing that will pursuade me to get a PS4 so if its as good as it sounds I'm sold.

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Uncharted 4 looked such a dinosaur compared to the other games at E3. Still running around chest high walls and blindfiring at baddies. Just scrap that wank already.