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Best computer deals
« on: September 28, 2004, 03:07:49 AM »

I'll be in the market to get a new computer soon. I'm on the hunt for the cheapest deals. So far the best prices I've been able to find have been here.

Does anyone know of anywhere better? I only have two or thee hundred to spend, and I only need a 'base unit' (no monitor/keyboad/mouse/printer). I don't care if its 'refurbished'. I would like a moderately fast (nothing under 1.5G) processor, 256mb memory, 20Gb hard-drive, CD-RW and that's it. Oh, and Windows XP Home. Those are my minimum requirements - I'll get better if it's in the budget.

Sorry if I've overlooked a computer thread that this belongs in.

{Indeed you have!  RIght at the top of this forum:}