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"Little bit of politics..."
« on: October 03, 2004, 01:31:50 AM »
I'm looking for tips on how to become much more politically active, I'm sick of flitting around far-right websites and tutting. I want to get involved with organisations that actually do make a difference. Actually I'd like to make a career in politics. I want to dedicate myself to the eradication of fascist organisations, especially. It's gonna be tricky being on mailnland Europe to get involved in politics at a local level.

I always wanted to be a teacher, and I've ended up teaching English as a foreign language. That's nice enough and everything, but I'm not satisfied. Ah I'm not sure I'm being clear here. There doesn't seem to be a political party I can allign myself to. Labour 20 years ago, maybe.

"Little bit of politics..."
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Why don't you start the "I don't care" party? It'd provide something for all those non-voters out there... and if you messed up, well, at least you would have been honest.

"Little bit of politics..."
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I'm not sure what you mean by Labour of 20 years ago, but this might be a start:


is a left wing publication which has info on meets, discussions and protests on the site and contact details for various political organisations. I'm not sure where in Europe you are, so if it's not (as I suspect) the UK, then they might be able to put you on to equivalents where you are residing.

If, hoiwever, I've misread the meaning of your affiliations, then do ignore everything I just said :)