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Y'know, I was like VS once. Opinionated, angry... young. Filled with bile at the people I shared the Earth with.

Now I go through life in a fug of emotionless apathy. No joy, no despair. Every damn thing I come up with that's worth saying has already been expressed by someone more eloquent and forceful than I could ever be. So for the most part I keep my mouth shut and my dull opinions to myself (silly message board posts notwithstanding). I do not know the secrets of the universe

Don't be too hard on him.

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I just have this image right now of VS sat in the corner of the sixth-form room getting more and more angry watching the 'chavs' playing solitare at the other side of the room. Don't fret pet, once you leave the supermarket you'll find many,many more things to get angry about - trust me, just ignore them, it really isn't worth wasting your energy on.

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Quote from: "WoShade"
Watch out, Vorpal's about.
Watch out, Vorpal's about.
You'd better watch out etc.

Don't drag Beadle into this. Hasn't the man suffered enough?

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Quote from: "VorpalSword"
turns out people don't like me.

I think people are just getting annoyed that you're acting like the woe-is-me teenage angst stereotype. You'll grow out of it when you get to uni.

Anyway, you were wanting to piss people off, you did so, and now you're full of self pitty. Is this really what you want to recreate with your 6th form chums?

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I had hoped nobody would post after Rats. Here, have another chance.

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Heh no the romantic in me loves threads like this.

Perhaps VS could change his name to Holden Caulfield?

Heh - sorry.

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I think Holden Caulfield has nothing on VS.

Anyway, Fanny's right, once I bothered to click on Rats' WAV (it's only 77K) I decided he's right.  That's how it should end: