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Minecraft: PVP edition.
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A couple of months ago I got into playing Minecraft, but not survival. Ive been playing multiplayer player v player games.  My favorite game at the moment is egg wars at

"The concept of the game is to defend your egg and destroy other teams eggs. If you destroy another teams eggs then they will not respawn. To win, all you need to be, is the last team surviving.
There are also generators on each island. These produce money, and they can be upgraded to better generators to produce even more money. The more money the produce, the more money that you can spend in the shop (the villager). Using stuff you buy in the villager, you can go and attack other teams eggs."

Its really addictive, any of you guys play PvP Minecraft, and do you want to team up sometime an rekt some nubs?

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Here is an example of the game play.
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