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Dead of Summer
« on: July 14, 2016, 02:59:52 PM »
Wow, this seems terrible right now, it's a homage to horror films set in the late eighties at a Crystal Lake style camp, but it's so on the nose it's ridiculous. Rubbish Scares in the first episode: [spoiler]Tony Todd being strangled whilst playing the piano / lots of bodies in a lake / mutilated deer / old man ghost thing only seen via a camcorder / dead drowned gardener / small girl with a balloon who almost instantly disappears / building which explodes for no reason / mouse / old woman ghost / slow moving hairy ghost.[/spoiler]

I'm tempted to stick with it to see if it gets any worse, and if there's a reason for what's going on, but I don't know, I wouldn't be surprised if I quit after a couple more episodes.