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I loved the first episode of this. It totally nailed the characters and the world they live in straight off the bat. And the only thing that made you feel for the quite unlikeable "Fleabag" was that she was coping with the death of a close friend.

But diminishing returns after that. And then when it's revealed that she's culpable in her friend's suicide was my turning off point. Although that's like the penultimate or ultimate episode.

Still, compared to something like Josh Widdecombe's "Josh" (I like to think of it as what Seinfeld would have been if it was crowdfunded) this stuff is gold standard. No wonder it's getting international attention. Rightly so.


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What was it about the culpability reveal that disappointed you so?

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Finally read all this after watching the 6 eps in mid-Dec. 

Can't see the fuss, but it was good and there were a few genuine laughs, which I don't get from many sitcoms.  Don't think there's anything particularly new in it, but there was a surprising depth, most obv in having us rooting for a pretty dismal main character, and in the constant camera-glances which I suppose implicated you in what she was doing or at least sought your approval.  Very good cast.

Totally unmoved by the reveal which I guess means another trip to the shrink.

Just read up a bit on the Brontes after watching the BBC drama: Wuthering Heights was roundly pummeled in 1847 for being amoral, sexually-explicit and showing women how they hadn't been shown before.  I'm no feminist, but are people REALLY either getting upset or confused by a strong, sexual, amoral, sweary woman 170 years later??!!  Once again, the shrink...