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Anyone else played this?

5-10 minuter depending on your dalliance and absorption of flavour text, but with a spoilery twist that makes it a bit more cutting edge than your usual indie game.

Sells itself as a horror, but no jump scares whatsoever (as someone with a backlog of unsettling escapism with no it's all fiction bollocks to deal with the bastards).

Free on steam, nature of the game gives a fair bit of open-endedness for seeing exactly how people run with the option given to them.

First ever entry on CaB after a couple of years of sidelining and a fortnight's panic over having nothing worth saying after signing up - pissed in the early hours and afuckitandpost.

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Yeah gave this a go, after seeing Videogamer play it, I knew what to expect so made the opposite decision just to see what would happen.

Got the e-mail later telling me my farmer had survived, tried to stay "in character" in my responses, although I'll be interested to play again to see the kind of things people write

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I saw this this morning, downloaded it intending to play when I got back, but then watched the Videogamer video so it was basically spoiled. Even their title/description were a bit spoilery. Interesting idea though, might play through for the experience. But yes, I'd say don't read/watch it first :p