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Destiny: Rise of Iron
« on: August 02, 2016, 10:31:42 PM »
Lots more details emerging about this now,

Not a complete revamp the way Taken King was, but it looks like it's adding some new ideas in there like the way artifacts will work. In terms of pure number porn. Light level going up to 385 initially and then up to 400 once hard mode of the new raid is released.

Supposedly a kind of horde mode as well, hope it's as fun of Court of Oryx was, might be more Prisoners of Elders though, which I could never really get into because it's too bloody long, and nobody ever seems to care about deactivating the bloody mines.

I'm surprised myself by just how much I'm looking forward to this, but Taken King converted after being lukewarm on Destiny before that.

Re: Destiny: Rise of Iron
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Here, the Crucible can now do private matches. I know last time we  tried to arrange raids and it was a bit of a ballache getting people to be able to commit, but we should definitely try to do some CaB matches as that's much less commitment and you don't have to worry about levels so much.