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Camera Gear Advice Thread
« on: September 15, 2016, 01:54:18 AM »
I need to get head. It's all perfectly innocent, I assure you.

Occasionally I pick up the odd bit of work shooting videos, often of men getting wood and playing with their balls. I'm talking about cricket matches, honest. Unfortunately the tripod I have is really only designed for photography and isn't particularly suited to the job. Hence I was thinking of getting a proper video head to replace the one that's on there. Were money no object, I'd get a Manfrotting Manfrotto one, as I already have a couple of quick release plates that are compatible with their mounts. Like this:

They've all had a quick release after I've mounted them - the cameras I mean.

Of course, money is an object and Manfrotto gear is sodding expensive, so I was wondering if anyone could recommend any sensibly priced alternatives, ideally with the same sort of quick release doodahs and under 50 quid.

Re: Camera Gear Advice Thread
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Personally, I would go to a shop to get a hands-on feel, especially if it’s something you’ll be using for work. At that budget, I suspect that you’re not going to get change from £50, regardless of where you buy from. Incidentally, there would be Manfrotto options open to you around that level, or not far from it – albeit for lighter kit and not sure what you're using.

There was one make that I’ve read recommendations for cheap fluid heads for video – just checked and it’s Vibon. However, IIRC, there are questions over the long-term durability. Wouldn’t say everything I’ve heard is unanimous praise, but it’s one that that invariably gets recommended.

Neewer’s stuff tends to be competitively priced and although, I haven’t tried any of its tripod kits, the kit I have used has been decent and would recommend it. I know you were looking for a head, rather than a tripod but I know that Amazon Basics do a video tripod and, going from memory, its tripods seem to get good feedback so that’s another option.