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Laptop me!
« on: October 14, 2016, 01:32:52 PM »
My laptop is almost 8 years old, and it can't run chrome and photoshop at the same time without burning my legs. So I need a new one.

It'll mainly be used for general work, Photoshop, video editing in Sony Vegas, Adobe AfterEffects, and live-streaming and recording indie-ish games on Twitch (I use my Xbox for AAA games so not really bothered about being able to run the latest games at 1080p-60fps or anything).

It'd be nice to have an SSD for Windows as well as an HDD for storage as well.

My mum lives in the Channel Islands and she's buying it (there's no VAT), but I do need to keep it around £450 (certainly <£500).

I found this Novatech nSpire N1624, which looks pretty good (though maybe the CPU is a bit low?):

Anyone have any input? This feels like a life-changing decision seeing as it'll probably last me another 8 years, at which point I'll be back asking the same questions.


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Re: Laptop me!
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I'd have a look here
and particularly

Don't rule out second hand - around the price range you're looking at that might be a better idea than a mediocre new one.
I'm a fan of second hand Thinkpad corporate refurbs as companies get rid of them by the truckload after just a couple of years when they do a refresh, at great prices, and they're built like a brick shithouse.  But at least the one I got, isn't really suited to doing much video editing.