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Has anyone watched this show on Netflix? It's an English drama mystery sort of thing with a conspiracy vibe. Sort of like Happy Valley crossed with Utopia.

It's really enjoyable. Quite silly, in a good way. Lots of twists and sinister characters, reminds me of The Killing (US) which I enjoyed - I'm a sucker for 24 type plot twists and duplicitous two faced characters

Indira Vharma, Robert Glenister, Lesley Sharp, Polly Walker. Solid cast. If you're a fan of Line of Duty, State of Play, that sorta stuff then I'd recommend it.

The first episode is a tad boring but it soon goes off the rails. I've just ploughed through 5 (it's only 1 season of 8 episodes) and its been really good. There's even a quirky French agent that gets involved who is very very French. It's set in Chesire and filmed in Nantwich so it has that warm countryside feel but there's bits in other countries too.

Anyway it's pretty good and it's on Netflix so have a watch yeah?

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Watched it when it was on ITV recently as the premise looked interesting - first drama I've seen on the channel for years. Enjoyed it though it didn't have quite enough material for the eight episodes (that complaint yet again) and the [spoiler]effort the drug company had put in to 'cleaning up' the problem didn't seem to exactly justify the risk but hey[/spoiler]. Leslie Sharp's character continually reminding everyone of her born-again Quaker status was a bit annoying at times when I thought Quakers were not into doing that.

Do you mean the German female police officer as the quirky agent?


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Why did I think she was French? Yep that one, with the gay colleague she constantly mentions is gay.

Up to the last episode now, it's gone properly mental.