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Re: Why don't Americans have proper names?
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Re: Why don't Americans have proper names?
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Always figured chicken fingers restaurant chain ZAXBY'S would have a namewrong founder and just checked today. Only a sight disappointment  Zach McLeroy

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Re: Why don't Americans have proper names?
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Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep J. St. Brown

Tristan !???

Which of course reminds me of...

Re: Why don't Americans have proper names?
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Have we had this belter yet?

They're just taking the piss now.

Magnificent. Randy Economy. Morris-esque.


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Re: Why don't Americans have proper names?
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Given it's from the Guardian, in all likelihood his real name is actually Roger Edwards.

Re: Why don't Americans have proper names?
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Re: Why don't Americans have proper names?
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Life is Strange game director Webb Pickersgill.
Worked with William Bolander on a short, Professor Hu hires a temp, as did one Shalynn REynolds, star of a Mormon superhero comedy.  The only non-amateur in A Superhero Comedy - Nate Doane knows my acquiantance Elisha Surrealsister Rachel, who I know through the great Larry Karaszewski.
Mubi horror maven Brett Wm Mauser and his sidekick Amanda Nutting

Re: Why don't Americans have proper names?
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Creepshow's Sydney Wease also in a short, Extraterrestrial by Damian Kidd, who did a short called Adam Reader's Revved up like a deuce
Deadpool 2 and Neighbours both featured actors credited simply as Reader/Reeder.

Chapman university were also involved with the Rocky and bullwinkle film and a 2002 short called Lost thoughts -

Slad eCurtis was in the X-Men film and this green short with Kyla Kenedy off the Walking dead -

Abby Sugrue of the films Far from India with 24's Kahlil Joseph and Marvel fanfilm star Andrew Roth, Evenfall with Donald Duck's current voice Daniel Ross and Perfect Poison with the Wire's Brandy Burre

Andrew Roth produced these films all on Letterboxd, eg Kinonation's Squid Man and Backwater from Osiris entertainment with Thomas Daniel and Christopher Schrank, which got a Starburst review -
Far from India also featured Sandy Lisiewski of the films of Carlos Etzio Roman, the Vulture's Eye from bargain bin regulars Maxim/Pendulum pictures, and the director of Far from India Pepi Singh khadra and Josh aDam Davis' Customflix pic the Inn featuring Once upon a time in Hollywood's Chad Ridgely, Friday the 13th cinematographer Barry aBrams, Nitin Adsul who was in the Wire,MGM's Hit and Run (with Chris Shand, Enda mccallion, lauren breckinridge and Kevin Corrigan) and Far from India, Footsie and the Toe and the Gravitas ventures-released 8th Plague and the Jay Randall Story 2009 (that's the title -
Lisiewski was also in Emily Aguilar's Brie's Bakeoff Challenge with Isaiah from Sesame Street
 The Inn  also features the ludicrously named  Greg Cool, who was in the Town with Pete Postlethwaite, and a film called the Chest by Ron Perozzi/Glossed productions from 2004 and
ETzio Roman seems to have been a former convicted child molester, and the only person who works elsewhere with him is Russ Isles, who was in Spenser for Hire, and films for b movie guy Tim Ritter. He does know a friend, Mark Redfield and his partner Jennifer Rouse.
Also, Etzio Roman's latest film has Ian Bamberg, star of the Radio Times-featured Image Ent horror Mischief Night, and the likes of the middle, Criminal Minds and Hawaii-50. Etzio Roman seems to be a con atist, of some sort, though his name is listed on Passion River films as a head of a festival alongside Sharon CArpenter and Bruce Alan Dawson, and Passion River are a real company.
 Released and followed by proper film friends like Cheryl Dunye.

Etzio Roman's (with his friends Darrell Poe, Rachel Youngson, Kevin Troy, Pablo Rodriguez) also been interviewed by Eerie Digest, who interviewed someone I kind of know, Jason Figgis plus legendary stuntwoman Marneen Fields who's done the Swarm, Concorde Airport 79, plus Christina derosa, Jackie Leibowitz, Ellen Dubin...

David S. Dawson I thought was mentioned, but he wasn't. Made this film with silly photoshop , and also a new film called Shadows with former A Bronx Tale breakout Francis Capra.

Rower Chad Rudolph

Jeff Swerdan - director of Becoming the Reaper (which stars Mckenzie Fox, who did a film with Jesus of Nazareth's Yorgo Voyagis)  He also knows Andrew Rakhman, who knows my friends the people behind Turbo Kid.

Guy McDowell's Old Man another Maxim media shite.

BRad Allen worked in Canadian Tv's Galaxy Trek and Friday the 13th

Aussie called Bruce Carpenter - which sounds like Aussie Jesus.
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Re: Why don't Americans have proper names?
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Ha Cheb gave me a  good chuckle.
I bet it did, you dirty fucker. I bet it did.

Re: Why don't Americans have proper names?
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Gammon's beware this medical condition that's long afflicted angry white American conservatives has crossed the Atlantic.

Re: Why don't Americans have proper names?
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Max Barbakow's short pre-his breakout with the Golden Globe-nominated Palm Springs features USC student Brittany Bookbinder and

Bookbinder's other films on letterboxd feature Allie Loukas Christopher M. Walsh Carlton G. McBeth David Bastian Kim DeJesus Angela Beckefeld Darren Marlar and
Bookbinder behind this muppety short and a webseries, Undateable Stephen Cole Webley, behind the Indiewire-profiled short Con Amor

Re: Why don't Americans have proper names?
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Saw this guy the other day on a JFK programme

Re: Why don't Americans have proper names?
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Createspace throws up all weirdness, like Jim Finitsis/Peace productions' immortal comedy A Perfect Game and zombie-com Working Stiffs, as mentioned here.

Deadly Beloved by One Eyed Jack productions starirng Dreadcentral avourite Victoria de Mare A modern Pride and Prejudice starring Rising Damp's Gay Rose, Maia Petee and Christina Lafon, Caleb Grusing (of the film Ink which I remember being a big festival hit, in Fangoria, etc, and is free to watch on if you have a VPN),  and Christine Mascolo who starred in the Amazon prime/tubi film Colider by Daniel D Ford and Justin Lewis.
 Pride and Prejudice was shot atPikes Peak Paradise Bed and Breakfast (very special thanks)
Terra Firma Custom Homes (very special thanks) (as Terra Custom Homes)

Christina Lafon was in a film, Castledale films' the Office Slave with Pam Renall who was in Tubi's Unfollower., and Shudder's Patrick Lawrence's the Solipsist with won the St Louis fimmaker's shortcase, also some short with a green scorpion poster, the Crustacean Crisis by Phil Mirabito,video,short&countries=us&role=nm4212398
Mirabito worked on two features, Before you can Blink with Undercover Brother 2's Kayla Eva as Sahara Teka and Killing me Slowly with Mindhunter's Blythe Howard, which has a Bond-y/Nikita-femme fatale poster
Mirabito also worked at Rocky Mountain PBS and served at Spec Scout and stuided at NYFA.

Petee seems to appear in films exclusively with bad photoshop.
She was in ANP films' Freelancer by Justin Bauer who made a short called Radar Control and worked on Rattle-Can with Alexander Pimentel, handled by Fangoria friends Green Apple
Pimentel's latest film the Directive is on Hulu and Tubi. He knows Soojin Chung who like me knows Danny Peary.
Petee was also in At Bay the sequel to Offside (?) with Michael Vasicek
Vasicek, known as the Old Man thanks to being a wheelchair-bound short film was in Tubi's Collider and another ITN/tubi distribution film, Unfolower, also on letterboxd - with Batya Cruz Darcy Orrok Dan Davidson Julie Crisante Marty Lindsey Michael Vasicek Karin Knebl Lecia Papadopoulos Pam Renall Tony Sedillo Tami Nichols%u200B ...

Pimentel's RAttle-Can is not on tubi, but it does star full of people with ludicrous names - Damon Wickhester, Kytriena Payseno and Kyle Abraham and the briliantly named Cody Poirot. Bauer also worked on a short called Story of Erica.
Justin Lewis' Hush Money is also on tubi
Pride and Prejudice also features Mark Mook.
Mook knows Kim Newman's friend Dylan Otto Krider and Vasicek. He's done mostly shorts with titles like  Dead Girls, Storage Unit, Butcher, Abashed, Andover High, some shorts with Ken Mostek who knows my friend Eurocrime director Mike malloy's friend Mark Steven Grove
Mook was  in Sam Wickey's My Name is Sam -  which sounds interesting, about autism and has a professional name in child actor Connor Falk, who's been in Forever with Ioan Gruffudd and black-ish and Criminal Minds.
Mook was in Bradley Haag's photoshoptastic
Haag has made shorts like the Twylovwites and Jean claude van Damme's Damn van and knows my friend Mike Malloy's friend Camille Susser -
Mook was in  I'm Here with  Abigael Hunter McCool, Chad McCool and Jack McCooll who made some shorts eg 41 bullets but also 140 with Lost star Kiele Sanchez, Big Bang Theory's Kevin Sussmann and Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium/Stranger than Fiction's Zach Helm, and Return of the Ghostbusters by J Michael Weiss, an ambitious fan film

Tom Laughlin's daughter has done weirdness

Patrick Lawrence's the Solipsist has lovely art. Lawrence edited Shudder's Scare Me and Clara's Ghost -

Also Colorado-based,
Haylar GArcia (the Tenacious D horror Apartment 212 )and  Garrett Brawith (the Netflix original with Angus Mcfadyen, FREDI and FDR American Badass and 2007's Rolling)
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Re: Why don't Americans have proper names?
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Two other Createspace successes - TLA video/Border2Border's To A Tee - by one Matt Riddlehoover,
Written by   Matt Riddlehoover
Starring   Matt Riddlehoover
Lindsey Hancock
Jonas Brandon
Cinematography   Chris Lewandowski

Riddlehoover's gone onto direct a documentary about Vivian Liberto, Johnny Cash's first wife.
He's worked with Ref terrell and Dustin Tittle.

Geeks on Board featured Shameless USA actress (Lynn Chen, who's also been shot through the wall and the Singles Table.

Shameless also featured MichaelAdam Hamilton and Pati Lauren. Michael Adam Hamilton is  known for Beyond the Trophy (2012), Division III: Football's Finest (2011) and Zoe Gone (2014). He is married to Lauryn Nicole Hamilton. They have three children

Liam Lionheart- presumably changed his name from Richard Todd to not be confused with the 50s star in this British horror.

Re: Why don't Americans have proper names?
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lots of Tyrones -
Euhporia's  Evan Michael Pinsonnault: Det. Tom Reeder, Doug Eaves - oxygen tv
Federal Execution - modern-day blaxploitation by Ronnie Tyrone Lee, starring Operation Repo truTv star Froylan Mercado, also a makeup artist  for Will Smith  as Ali

Devil may Cry voice/Legends of Tomorrow actress Faye Kingslee was also in a short, directed by a Donald Houston, not the Welsh actor. Just love that some American called their son Donald Houston.

A Tyrone Barnes was in a short called A True Menstrual Show about black history, featuring Carl Judie, sidekick of Dhar Mann, a popular youtuber. and Beyonce music video star Justin P. Williams
P. Williams' other main work is Dolly Gray's the plain white photoshop Industry Did it  with Kareem J. Grimes who was in Jarhead and Boyz n the Hood.
Industry Did it also featured Kelli Rasmus, who was in Adrien Brody's film High School anda  webseries called the Doll webseries. and something called Retrospective.

Save it for later with Clark Brigham, Richar b tylor, Troy D Merriman, plus Scott Cooper and Gabrielle Anwar, Tomy Hinkley and Theresa bloody Russell

Tyrone James as Bishop in After hours the movie with HBO Oz star JD Williams. Also appeared in a short, Ring the Bell  as Tyrone Styles, and My Brother with Tatum o'Neal and Vanessa Williams and Nashawn Kearse. Payin' the Price by Mama don't play with Stephen Todt - almost Toast, who has done stuff called Jane's Bab and Severance but is best known for being in a video for Dublin shitesters the Script and
A Tyrone Clinton was in Burn Notice and Spike Lee's miracle at st anna Troy Ruff, who knows my friend Courtney Joyner's friend Rickey Bird Jr
Ruff's film Lax and the Reckoning Won the Action on film international film festival which my friends Jessica Cameron, Asylum starlet Jamie Bernadette and RTE dirctor john Vaughan have supported.
" Ford Austin, Troy Ruff and director James D. Schumacher II arrive at the AOF film festival", according to a headline online.
Amanda Rengel was in the Crowning Mile, a Chicago short with Rinska Carrasco, who was in Spike Lee's Chi-raw, plus Cherry and the bizarre looking My riends rubber ducky and Alternate Universe
plus Contagion's Walt Sloan, star of the sequel to the Hiding Place and aChristian film called Finding Hope with a white cover  and Mortal Kombat's Lorissa Julianus
by two 9 and Canal the holy trinity with his psychedelic angel of death looks mad.
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Re: Why don't Americans have proper names?
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Edit bug and I don't remember if I posted this one

Re: Why don't Americans have proper names?
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Tyler Goins  has a split imdb. He did a HBO short - LeRon Lee's Ugly and An UNfortunate Accident with Daniel Proeta from the upcoming Amazon version of the Underground Railroad, and the April Fool 2017 by Ryan Prince who recently did a version of the Hounds of Zaroff and worked on the Trump Prophecy for Fathom Events -
An Unfortunate Accident also featured Jessica Wilson Montgomery who's only done shorts - Green Eyed Monster, Dog River, the Inconclusive Phases ofa Breakup -
But her most professional work is the Power of Rah - the Glory and Gold, a retro-80s saga ( starring Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns' Mariana Tolbert  and Creepshow's Ja'Ness Tate who was in Vision Films/Itunes/Prime/Letterboxd's Hidden Orchard Mysteries: The Case of the Air B and B Robbery (2020) and a short called Puppy Love.

Green Eyed Monster was by Ken Merritt , the Frederic Forrest-looking director of Unfortunate Accident and Jesse's Gift about a bearded hipster with a guitar in Canton, Georgia and Baby shoes- He's currently boom operator on A Unicorn for CHristmas with Dallas' Charlene Tilton and Sunny Mabrey from HIllbilly Elegy.

FAcebook says I know,video,short&countries=us&role=nm0205417 Ryan Davis, who makes a promotional short called A World of Health, but worked on Hope Floats and Miss Congeniality and 1991's Scary Movie. He is married to Julie Russo Davis, who isn't Julie Davis of Sundance's Amy's Orgasm.
The weird thing is his nickname is Ryan, but his real name is John.

Ryan Dawlie worked on TV series Backstage Pass and Club Connect n the 90s and Robby Robinson: Built with the Pumping Iron star, and Digging with Earnest in 2001 by Erick SCott and Nickelodeon's Henry Danger star/Ty Burrell-alike Cooper Barnes.

The films of letterboxd's Cynthia Leal - Amazon prime short and the feature Suicide Notes (being dist. by the folk, Champion entertainment also doing Wisegirls with Mariah Carey and Alicia Silverstone's Angels in Stardust), the short Meggan's Journey and then a stint on the popular Kristen Dunst sitcom On Becoming a God in Central Florida and Solus with John Enick who's in the new Scream fanfilm by Joe Grisaffi, has a stint in the new Walker Texas Walker series, . ... =nm4818104 and in films like theTubi Dauntless Battle of Midway and something called the Sand Dune.

Maurice Terrell Walker was in Lifetime's the Preacher's Daughter,  the old school Jurica Road with Mandalorian's Dominic Pace ( ... flmg_act_2),  Organizatsiya with the Falcon and the Winter Soldier's Neil Kodinsky (,  the stencil-postered Dreamer with Modern Family's Irene White and Lady Z Ent's the Jacket by    Zulema Nall  and Norman Ray Fitts and  Fran Williams, Julitta Pourciau, Lance Henry
Julitta Pouricau was in Hbo's the Leftovers and the Singa home enertainment looking  Maurice Terrell Walker

New Girl's Vicky DAlli who was in Colson Baker's music video that cost 850,000 - I Don't Dance, Tubi's Escape Artist and Promakhos with Giancarlo Giannini.

I'm sure the Ryan Gaudet who worked for the Nokia sugar bowl and Marvel 2nd unit dirctor Lars Winther's Elixir Isotope is the same one working on this reboot of UFO that imdb still lists even though it was cancelled in 2011.

Finding Hope also features Robyn Coffin - who's in various films on Lettterboxd, one with Cobie Smulders.

Karen Rangel worked in Brazil and on the unfinished Jonestown Defence - the Christopher waite stoy with the awesome Amy Seimetz.

Sorry for these long-winded things.
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Re: Why don't Americans have proper names?
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I discovered a mail from a chap/chapess called Chuck Hamrick today. Doubtlessly mercilessly called "Fuck Hampipe" at school for being a bit of a cnut. Still writes a mightily cunty marketing mail.