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Prison Break
« on: April 13, 2017, 10:27:05 PM »
Anybody watching the new Prison Break? Just me?


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Re: Prison Break
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Me! Really enjoying it, just the right amount of ridiculous.

Re: Prison Break
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Yeah, I enjoyed the first ep. I always love a good bit of daftness. I can't wait to see what ridiculous schemes Scofield will concoct over the next few eps, probably using his well sick origami skills and some of his own pubes. And T-Bag's gonna be able to have some epic wanks with that new hand. My only real issue is the crap title sequence. It's like summat from a 90s TV show, just a few seconds of footage of each actor. Compared to the titles of stuff like Westworld, Dexter etc, it's crap.