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Ultra Street Fighter 2
« on: May 27, 2017, 11:13:40 AM »
I never played the HD remix of Street Fighter 2 Turbo way back on PS2, and supposedly this is virtually the same thing. I've put in about four hours or so since last night and I've had an absolute whale of a time. It costs four thousand pounds but I'd say it's worth it.

Basically, this is Street Fighter 2 Turbo, portable, with online ranking and a brilliant roster. It addresses that brief as wonderfully well as you would hope, and it's alongside MK8D, Isaac and Zelda as top tier Switch. The price will be a sticking point understandably but I got it (as almost everything) through the US eShop so it was more like thirty quid than thirty five. I spent about seventy on SFV including one season pass (!) and I've already had more fun with this.

Is anyone else interested?

Violent Ken is my main man, purple suit and cerise pink hair if you see me out there. He's basically a glass cannon, fast and flashy. I'm having plenty of joy with him at the moment against pretty much all characters by just getting right up in their shit, gliding through projectiles and getting some snide chip damage victories with the Super combo. His air throw it also really cool and I've had a couple of very tight victories with that, which is well satisfying. I also got a double Perfect against some higher level Ryu who immediately left the lobby afterwards which was glorious.

The remixed and original graphics look great, the same for the music (I actually prefer some of the remixes) and the art gallery is actually worth a look. The netcode seems quality. Genuinely, a scorcher.

Re: Ultra Street Fighter 2
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I want it :-( I would be lost without my beloved fight stick though, how does it feel with the Switch controllers?

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It's best with the Pro Controller, to be honest, compared to the portable controls. The stick is better and the D-pad...well the Joycon controllers don't even really have a D-pad, so there's that, too. I've always been a pad lad (tried to learn stick and I'm just shite) so that'll do me but I believe there is a Hori fight stick available, or coming soon. The Joycon/portable controls are certainly 'good enough', though, for shotos. I've never played any charge characters, really, so I don't know how they'd be, but presumably fine.

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Thanks. I was always a Ken until I wanted to really learn a character and try something different, so ended up playing  a lot of boxer in the SSIV days. You make a good point about how he would control with joycons. I bet it's fucking ace being able to play ranked matches on the bus or in the park though. I must try and save up for one of these at some point.

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This is a beast of a game. I'm now getting schooled as regularly as I win and feel like I should start trying different characters out. Part of my problem with Street Fighter online is becoming obsessed by my rank/PP score and finding every defeat devastating, which both kills the lighthearted fun and makes every fight incredibly intense! I wouldn't have it any other way. I love every win and feel sick at every defeat. I actually love Violent Ken, though, because every fight is over in about twenty seconds one way or another. So intense.