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New Nathan Barley article on MediaGuardian
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I think it's nothing more than a review of the small amount of  promotional material for the new sitcom that starts in February.

However, no preview tapes are available and the famously secretive Morris is keeping details of the show close to his chest. "Nathan, Dan and Claire work in the industrial conversions of Hosegate," explains the sparse press material.

"Claire no longer listens to Dan - which is a shame since he'd be the best person to warn her about Nathan. Claire is right about Dan; Dan is right about Nathan; Nathan is just wrong. He's an absolute fucking tool.

"Nathan is convinced he is the epitome of urban cool and therefore secretly terrified he might not be, which is why he reads Sugar Ape magazine - his bible of cool."

The show's advance publicity also features clothing chain bumphuk, a "must browse for Harmony Korine, Chloe Sevigny, Julian Casablancas and Sally Gunnell"; gastropub Regime, where your food is chosen for you by "assessing your electrolytes on a sensor at your table" and the "beer is served in gourds"; and the Chimney Exchange bar, a "mecca for would-be trespassing renegades unable to discern that no one gives a flying fuck whether they're there or not".

New Nathan Barley article on MediaGuardian
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Already been posted in GD, in the other Nathan Barley thread in here, and on the front page of this website, but thanks for the thought anyway.