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(boring stupid muso) More eBay guitar madness
« on: February 03, 2004, 12:34:06 AM »
I dunno if this will actually interest anyone at all, but if you've ever wondered what lawyers and doctors actually spend all thier money on, this will give you a clue.

This just went, very, very quickly on eBay:

I think it was up for a day before Buy It Now was used.

While I'm used to '58/'59 Les Pauls going for $140k +, the 1960s were always worth a little less. Plus, this has virtually no red dye left on the top, and no flame (that figurative striping which is an inherent quality of maple - the more "flame" - the more you pay). Last year something like that one was sitting on $110,000. I know there's "celeb" ownership, but even so, that doesn't justify the extra $30,000. Eep.


Another super-rare 50's Custom shows up (double humbucker Customs back then were custom order only - "about 12" is the closest figure anyone has for 1957-1960 for these). This sold off eBay for $73,000. There can't be many more of those surviving now - I can't imagine what it'd be worth in 5-10 years time. This is a case of money makes money...

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