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Re: Oxide Ghosts - UK screenings
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I went to this on Sunday and first will echo all the positive comments, so glad I got to see it. I gather this one was slightly different as the second portion consisted of three short compilations of 1) Michael Cummings other works generally, 2) Snuff Box and 3) Toast of London, although none of this was unseen or new. The host kept the conversation interesting enough but due to another scheduled screening there was only time for 4 very short questions at the end which was a bit of a shame. Anyway I thought I'd get some of my memories down as there was some interesting snippets of info that may not have been noted before.

Apparently Chris Morris' son has attended one of the screenings. He told Michael that his first introduction to Brass Eye was aged 15 when some of his school friends were watching some Youtube clips, and he realised it was his father in them.

Since screenings began Chris Morris has handed Michael a few more video tapes, although he didn't allude as to their contents. But I'm sure there was a suggestion that there could be an extended Oxide Ghosts in the future.

It was weird to hear a few occasions where the discussion included incredibly minor details that I would have missed if it weren't for specific posts on this forum. One of these was the Stereo being twirled off screen during the David Amess 'cake music' bit. That was of course Chris Morris himself.

Has anyone asked about the Nigel Evans story as sent in to SOTCAA? I'd always assumed it was apocryphal, but it's repeated in Disgusting Bliss with additional details. Then again, Michael Cumming has said in Q&As that the only celebrity to suspect something amiss was Toyal Wilcox.

I was gearing up ready to ask this and, second question in, got beaten to it (hello?). And it turns out that, yes, it happened. Nigel Evans noticed upon touching his face and inspecting his fingers and then 'stormed off', although the Q&A was a hurried affair and there was no further expansion.

The final question was asked and followed with '...and what are your thoughts on modern comedy such as Fleabag'. MC said he would just answer the first question in a tone of voice that was partly acknowledging the time constraint, and partly suggesting that he had very little positive to say about modern comedy such as Fleabag. But he did again big up the Eric Andre show. The host wrapped things up there but I stayed to the end to ask him if he'd watched Nathan For You, and recommended it to him when he hadn't.

In terms of the show itself I remember quite a lot but don't want to give too many spoilers. One of the most shocking clips was the interrogation of the actual young child in the 'sex' audience, about whether the sight of her parents being killed during sex will have lasting psychological effects. 'And I'm afraid that girl will be subjected to further emotional trauma throughout the show...', or something like that. Michael Winner's 'Shop your local weirdo'. I also loved 'Lady Parliament', especially Chris' face as it developed and the inevitable punch line, at which I possibly laughed a little too loud. And did myself no favours at the similar joke later on where Michael Redmond's priest discredits the idea of the Virgin Mary miracle, as God would have sent a male figure to drive a car. Of course the extended drug deal segment was great, but the abandoned follow-up idea for a week later where Chris would return in period costume in a horse drawn carriage to ask for opium would have been amazing.

I might post some more thoughts if they come back to me.
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Re: Oxide Ghosts - UK screenings
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P.s. Michael spoke a little bit about the documentary he is filming with Stewart Lee. Apparently what started mainly as a look at The Nightingales and post-punk in Birmingham has gradually turned into a search for the giant gorilla statue from Birmingham City centre and reminisce of Stew's childhood, and should be entertaining even if you know nothing about the musical aspects.

Re: Oxide Ghosts - UK screenings
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I was gearing up ready to ask this and, second question in, got beaten to it (hello?).

Hello. If I'd realised, perhaps I'd have asked something else.

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Re: Oxide Ghosts - UK screenings
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Come over in June and you could get to watch the film and then see Stewart Lee do a work in progress show:

Second date added 16th September!

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Re: Oxide Ghosts - UK screenings
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Anyone else going up for the London September gig?