DS or PSP?

The DS sounds pretty funky
8 (30.8%)
Nah, the PSP will be better
8 (30.8%)
I'm waiting until there are more games out before I decide
4 (15.4%)
I don't really care about either
6 (23.1%)

Total Members Voted: 26

Voting closed: December 22, 2004, 04:56:43 PM

Author Topic: [Computer Games]Nintendo DS or Sony PSP?  (Read 1100 times)

[Computer Games]Nintendo DS or Sony PSP?
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I love handheld games... much more than console games... and i await both the DS and the PSP with great anticipation (i have a DS flying my way as a i speak)...

However, i do worry about a few things.

The PSPs battery life is ever changing due to the many formats it supports, dvd, mp3 etc... the battery can last for just over 3 hours for game play to over 10 hours for mp3 playback...

Also, there have been reported ploblems with the clarity of the games on the screen, some images blur when things speed up and colours bleed.

The games are multiregion, but the dvds wont be.

and it is easily scratched/damaged if dropped (like iPods...)

Both machines hava a problem when it comes to analogue play (losing the analogue stick on the handhelds means some games will be less responsive)

The DS has had a few issues with Dead Pixle syndrome on first batch models.

The machine IS ugly, i think... but then, that shouldnt be a factor in choosing it.

It does take a bashing, but i fear things like the stylus/Thumb grip might be easily lost/broken.

The great thing about both is the range of options open.

The DS, if utilised, could open brand new ways to play games (the wario ware for the DS should be a good example of using the touch screen, motion sensors, microphone and broadband gaming (or whatever wireless communtication/internet connection it is on). It has a 20 quid add on (for those who hate pure gameplay machines...for some reason) that will allow multimedia playback on downloads and such..fucking fabbo!
The DS also has the fortune of being backwards compatable  with old GB games, so it already has a LARGE library of games.

The PSP has a great line up of games and potential games available for it, but it will, most likely be ports of PS2 games... effectively, it would be like buying a PS2 all over again and the games, but there are some damn fine games...imagine...GTA III in your hand (the recent GBA GTA is fine, but lacks the fun of that 3rd dimension).

However, with more console style games coming out for handhelds, i can see a problem with portable game play.

A great portable videogame is one you can dip in and out of at any time. Like Zelda, tons of involving gameplay, but you can save and turn off at any time and jump right back in  it when you like (i am currantly LOVING the new Zelda game for the GBA, it has made my long bus journeys extremely enjoyable).
But can you imagine playing Res Evil on a handheld? You are playing it on the bus/train... getting into it, your stop comes, you can't save until you find a god danm typewriter... I guess you can put the machine on sleep mode but...

Basically, this is the way i see it. Id prefer Nintendo to win this war, Sony cannot command ALL the videogame market (like Microsoft is currantly trying to take over ALL things) but at least Sony have upped the competition and should force Nintendo to get their shit together. If they lose the handheld markey AND the console market, they can pretty much fuck off. I get sadder the more i see nintendo diminish in Europe. It thrives in the US and Japan... just Europe suffers coz Nintendo of Europe are fucking useless and have a crap PR company ... THERE... I SAID IT.

I want both, for more variety, more interesting handheld gaming and because i like to amuse myself on long journeys... not stuck infront of a TV.

This is more of a time for Nintendo to prove themselves then Sony, however i bet in about 8 months time, there will be a Nintendo DS SP that will look lovely and will be fully compatable with the new Nintendo Revolution....

So i may just buy a Zelda Game and Watch and play the same level over and over and over and over again... forever.