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A beautiful story of a procrastinating Russian nobleman. Famously the beginning of the book chronicles his epic journey from his bed to his chair.

I read this several years ago and I'm thinking about a re-read. Anybody else love this classic?

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Re: Oblomov
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He is a strangely potent icon.  I sometimes think both depression and the fucking up of the world are often side-effects of having ambition drummed into us at such a young age.  Never managing to meet such lofty, far-off goals, and leaving great big pockmarks on the world as our legacy, means we're left in a permanent state of dissatisfaction. The idea of this humble hero who's nothing but gentle and understanding with people but about as ambitious as a nicotine stain, a person who's able to withdraw inwards and draw from a wealth of memories and fantasies, is an inspiring one for me at least.  I mean, perhaps not accruing quite so many bed-sores and leaving your comfort zone every now and then can't hurt, but finding a few very simple things in life that make you happy seems to be a much more rewarding path than the one we're plopped on in younger life and most of us rarely deviate from.  Go Oblomov!

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Re: Oblomov
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Bon. Never read it. Can we do it as a Shelf Abuse book club read?


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Re: Oblomov
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I am trying desperately to catch up with Middlemarch so I am the last person who should be making requests, but I would like to second that as an idea.