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I like that bit in Goldfinger when Bond says "My dear girl, there are some things that just aren't done, such as drinking Dom Perignon '53 above the temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit. That's just as bad as listening to the Beatles without earmuffs!" Bear in mind, this is 1964. Hard Day's Night era Beatles. He's not even going on about Revolution 9 or something. He's heard 'If I Fell' and gone "That'scchh too abrasschhive for me." You massive square fanny, 007. The theme music from 'Cheggers Plays Pop' would sound like alien attack sounds beamed in from another hostile dimension to him. Goldfinger should have strapped him to that table and just left a Freddie and The Dreamers album playing near his bollocks.

I always thought it was he meant the screaming girl fans were too loud. Not the actual music. Isn't there a story that Ringo once played a completely different song from the rest of the band and no one noticed because they couldn't even hear themselves over the screaming?

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I went to the shops on Saturday, to try to stock up on hand wash and bog roll - saw a couple of 007 promotional items while I was out - namely Tins of Cheap Lager in Aldi which had some kind of James Bond promotional tie-in, and in the windows of the posh jewellers, a 007 edition Omega watch. The current issue of Top Gear Magazine has a cover story about all the different James Bond cars.

Presumably all of these deals were struck to coincide with the release of the film, and I guess the companies involved were hoping to shift extra units as a result. I guess the beer will sell whatever happens - but will the actual release of the film be allowed to pass without a commemorative lager tin?


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Daniel Craig is the cover star of the current GQ magazine, which would have been lined up for about a year. They've prematurely shot their wad. Even the song is out half a year before the thing.

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If you go to the cinema to see the latest Bond films there's always a shitload of ads starring Craig or whoever selling watches, Diet Coke, Samsung, tampons etc. or "IN ASSOCIATION WITH 007". It's big business. When people finally sit down to watch No Time To Die they'll watch the opening credits and be like: "Aw, remember Billie Eilish. Shame what happened to that young lass."


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Was part of an auction collection for film accountant Brian Bailey.


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james bond is a cunt


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They always include a quick scene with someone telling him he's a cunt, especially by the standards of modern morality. It's normally between the Q scene and the adventure properly starting.

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It’s true.

M: You’re a cunt, Bond. A tired, washed-up, shag-anything-that-moves alky whose face looks increasingly like it’s been sandblasted. But damnit sometimes a cunt like you is what’s needed to save this increasingly morally grey world. You prick.

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What I'm sick of with Bond is every film being some sort of event, anniversary, landmark or whatever.

Die Another Day: 20th one, so had a load of shit references in. Okay, allowed, but you didn't have to do surfing and invisible cars.

Casino Royale: the reboot. He's not properly Bond yet. Let's upend the formula. Okay, allowed again, as Die Another Day was that gash it almost killed the franchise, but let's stop now.

Quantum of Solace: no event or marketing gimmick.

Skyfall: 50th anniversary, so Bond is old and shite. Meta references. Attempts to upend the formula (unsuccessfully in my opinion).

Spectre: Blofeld and Spectre are back, let's try to tie all the Craig films together.

No Time to Die: Craig's last film, so there's another 007 for some reason, chance he'll die and be replaced.

It's like if the X-files was mostly those two-part alien episodes no one really cared about. The Roger Moore films were never special, and we liked it that way.


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At least the series hasn't become "the new generation" with loads of cameos from the classic stars. Although it sounds like they tried to get Sean Connery in Skyfall and Grace Jones in this new one.