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Re: Last tune you played 5 times in a row
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No Chwil-gaib really is drunk as a pickaxe - honest!

ch - as in Loch Ness
wil - as in Wagonwheel
ga - as in Radio 'ga ga'
ib - as in Auntie Beeb

(The gaib is normally 'caib' - but since the word 'pickaxe' is female in Welsh, the treiglo modifies the first letter into a softer 'g')

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(edited the original post - as I think I got it slightly wrong - a close reading of the text seems to indicate that it's more 'Drunkenly Lusting', rather than 'drunk with lust')
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Re: Last tune you played 5 times in a row
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OK ok, I believe you.

To contribute: White Fur by Dear Nora

Bloody love that guitar sound.


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Re: Last tune you played 5 times in a row
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Zip Code Rapists - Happy Like Larry (He Taught Me How To Die)


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Re: Last tune you played 5 times in a row
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Ah Daf you're my absolute hero.  Thanks so much for the lyrics and general info.  I just assumed they'd be quite dense and interesting lyrics cus it just has that vibe, so I'm glad the reality matches up.  Whatever happened to them, just lost to obscurity? 


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Re: Last tune you played 5 times in a row
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Ah Daf you're my absolute hero.

Aw, shucks!
~(does bashful Oliver Hardy finger-tip & toe twiddle)~

Whatever happened to them, just lost to obscurity?

They pretty much got to the top of the Welsh pop tree at roughly the same time as Y Cyrff and Ffa Coffi Pawb - late 80's. Sessions on Radio Cymru, playing the Eisteddfod's Rock Tent, Fideo 9 appearances (think : Welsh Tube)

By the early 90s there was a 'zeitgeist' momentum towards actually having a crack at the big time - this meant singing in English - as although John Peel played Welsh language stuff on Radio 1 (mainly Datblygu, Anrhefn & Llwybr Llaethog), nobody else was.

So briefly, with some line up changes and 'free transfers', Ffa Coffi Pawb mutated into Super Furry Animals, Y Cyrff into Catatonia, and in the middle of this Gorkys Zygotic Mynci emerged as a fully formed bilingual unit from the start, and hit paydirt!

The bands that stuck to Welsh (for personal or political reasons) inevitably stayed in Wales - eg. Anrhefn, Datblygu, Ail Gyfnod & Ty Gwydr

Jess (who started off a knock-off U2/Alarm & probably THE top band at the time) gave it a go in 1993 - but were oddly very awkward sounding - calling their english ep 'Sextravaganja'(!) didn't help, and they pretty much instantly split up in a hot flush of embarrasment!

Interestingly, much later in 1997 - at the tail end of Britpop - Owen & Chris, the drummer and guitarist from Jess - did manage to crack it with their band Cartoon - with Fade Away getting  the first single of the week on the first week of Mark & Lard's heroically disastrous stint on the Radio 1 breakfast show.
They were also championed by the sadly late top bloke DJ Kevin Greening, but unfortunately, they just didn't manage to get anywhere - (probably not helped by the impossible to google name!) - and split up after a few AMAZING ep's.
Here's a youtube page of 17 Cartoon tunes - their entire (small but perfectly formed) output.  I LOVE this band!

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So where are Tynal Tywyll in all this, you ask? . . .

Well, they stuck to singing in Welsh * - plus, the singer (Ian) had a very good job down in London at the time - which regularly took him away from the rest of the band, and so, by the end of the 90s, they just kind of drifted apart & the band petered out. I think they do sometimes get back together, but just playing for fun I think . . .  which is nice.

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Ooh - you luck's in - just found this : loads of Tynal Tywyll info here - fill your boots!

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* Oh no they didn't! - according to that page, they DID have a go in English -
Though there’s still a piece of the story that I haven’t mentioned. Tynal Tywyll singing in English. They were called The Collectors and perhaps that should be another blog post. But at least let’s mention that they released two CDs  the 1993/4  “Astronaut Girl”  and the “Desolation Angels”, both on Citizen Records.

And here's the evidence : The Collectors - WHAT HAVE WE GOT TO LOSE? (1993)

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Right, that's enough tinkering - going to bed now!
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