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Warhammer Verminitide
« on: January 11, 2018, 07:20:16 PM »
Rat-her enjoying this. Had wanted to get it for ages, there it was free on Xbox laser month as the sequel is coming out.

It's essentially Left 4 Dead (remember that), but with no fucking zombies, all rats and that instead. The Warhammer world is what lifts it, plus it's a genuinely tricky looter. I love the weapons, fucking big blunderbuss and a hammer.

Well worth a look if you got it free, even just try easy mode as it can be tough at the start. You're meant to pick up tomes and grimoire and then you get better loot rolls at the end. There's a survival mode too. It's really quite compelling. Then off head bob and stuff and it's a brutal first person hack and slash dungeon crawler. Lovely stuff.

And stay together, or you get hooked off and killed.