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I'd probably avoid if I were you then. Can't imagine it would do much to convince you, although it will allow you to turn on some cheats to make it trivial.

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Re: Celeste
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Chapter 3 B-Side complete. 1044 deaths. Yes, just on that B-Side. This game is tuned *so* fucking well though, no individual screen ever completely made me want to quit, even if some took a lot of face/wall interaction.

Think I did that one with around 700 deaths, but I'm stuck on one screen on the chapter 4 b-side where you have to use bubbles and clouds to get around those crystal walls. I spent 30 solid minutes doing that on Friday night and must have died 200 times. Madness. For some reason I find the "bite" point on clouds, to get the highest jump, really difficult.

Anyway, all strawberries, all hearts, special area and 3 b-sides cleared. Gonna keep going on the b-sides.