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Must admit I haven't watched the TV show but it did make me want to properly read the book, which I remember enjoying the 1st chapter standing around in a WH Smiths a while back.  I'm about a quarter of the way in, and its fascinating stuff although often very difficult reading (such as the chapter on prostitution in Israel which is particularly harrowing).

Anyone else reading this/read it?

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Been ages since I read it but it manages to mostly hit a good middle point between crime stories and the social, political and financial aspects which often get neglected in organised crime's coverage. I also found it interesting that it predominantly takes place in parts of Europe that are largely ignored in the media. I remember there were a couple of places in the book where I felt it hadn't quite shown that the rewards were sufficient for the effort that the criminals went to - the sex trafficking chapter for example - but I probably underestimate what people will do if they can.

DarkMarket - which is kind of a follow-up about digital crime - I found less successful, perhaps because I know the Internet security area better so I was more nitpicky. The main problem is it suffers from not always distinguishing well between smart kids with big mouths messing about because they can and those who are quietly making serious money out of the limelight with these days less need for specialist skills.