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I think they could have just made a new GoW with the same formulae of the previous games with the new engine and tight controls,linear and everyone would be happy.  I played through GoW 1,2 and Chains of Olympus a few months back, and it all still holds up really well.


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There's another really badly pitched moment where his cunt son says to a dead monster "you're nothing to me", which the writer has obviously heard in something much better than his dreadfully written game, and doesn't understand how to use. That rage, and saying that as a means of empowerment, it only works when you say it to someone that IS something to you, or at least someONE, not a generic nameless beast.

I don't give a fuck if you had a kid and became less of a dickhead Cory Barlog, you're still a tube and you'll never come within miles of what they did with the Last of Us, and you pasted your photocopy all over a tonally inappropriate game series and made the absolute worst one in the process.

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Haven't finished it. Don't think I'm going to.

I did finish this! In lockdown a few weeks ago. Eh, it was fine, just ridiculously overhyped.