Author Topic: Extremely small moments in comedy that make you laugh way more than intended  (Read 84830 times)


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It's more a small motif than a single moment, but Seinfeld has a recurring theme that George injured his hamstring by sleeping in a hotel bed where the sheets were tucked too tightly. In one episode where he's aroused by a massage from a male masseuse he absently says "hamstring...hotel" when explaining how he hurt it and a series or two later, he makes a big song and dance about the sheets when he and Jerry are staying at a hotel in LA.

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In an early episode of Curb, Larry goes for dinner with a group including his Uncle (I think). This guy orders the 'Fish frenzy' which I am sure was ad-libbed and not on the menu.

I have one, which makes me laugh so hard, every time I see it, that I have to pause the film: In "Grosse Point Plank" (1997), there's a scene where a Basque assassin is infiltrating a class reunion, and chooses a random name tag as he enters.

"It is I... Sidney Feldman."