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More just wanted a separate thread to talk about Ingress itself, but let's get ready for Ingress Prime also, as it's finally coming.

Yeah, so I've been toying with the idea of getting back into Ingress for weeks now, but PoGo is such a huge time investment, and becomes a big part of your life. And they expertly use FOMO to keep you glued to it.

But I hit level 40, can wreck and hold any gym, and have most of my bus route gyms gold now, and those were my big goals. Not really interested in grinding to 40 million, just to join the "level 40 twice over" club.

So on a whim I loaded up Ingress nearly a week ago, and that's it. PoGo has barely had a look in. It sits in my pocket on my old phone, hatching eggs. Now my face is permanently looking at triangles instead.

So yeah, Ingress - build triangles by linking landmarks. That's it in a nutshell. And it's one of the greatest games of all time.
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Re: Ingress Prime
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By the way, is there any better feeling than walking along spamming level 8 bursters, and seeing all the enemy resonators melting around you?

Another reason I've got back into Ingress is I'm just sick of the "my gym" drama, it's been a nightmare over Summer, and I hope things setttle.

Of course, a lot of the PoGo players have moved over to Ingress, or play it as well while Gotchaing everything in PoGo, with the main draw being the ability of create pokestops/gyms at level 10, and the ability to approve or deny new ones at level 12. I'm not fussed about that, although I could hit level 10 by the end of today if I wanted, I reckon. Going to make some more big fields instead though!

Most of my Valor teammates went Frog. I'm a Smurf. At one point I would have reset to join them, but I'm glad I didn't. They're the dominant faction in the city centre and have some VERY good players, so it's absolutely fantastic to be going up against them.

Re: Ingress Prime
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It’s hopeless in my town as the only other properly active player is a smurf who plays 24/7 (pretty much literally, I’m not sure she sleeps or works) and I’m fairly sure also spoofs. I’ll knock something down and 30 seconds later she’s retaking it. Though most of the time there are huge fields over the whole down with anchors that are awkward to get to...

If she gets to max level and buggers off like happened with Pogo (first to 40, what with all the spoofing and 24/7 playing) I might be able to enjoy it again

Next town along all the pogo lot went smurf, I’m frog

It’s great when away somewhere though - the missions can be really good for finding all the interesting landmarks

Looking forward to Prime when it finally comes

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Do you drive? I'm still unsure how effective I can be as a foot guy. However, being blocked off by three drivers on Saturday night was the push I needed to get back out on my bike, which I've been wanting to do for years now. Wasn't sure I could actually physically manage it with the pain I'm in these days, but it seems... okay so far. Having to recover today though as I can barely move, so just hacking local portals and brushing up on glyphs.


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Re: Ingress Prime
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How does this stuff work if you have a full time job to go to?

Re: Ingress Prime
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Evenings and weekends, but it doesn't when your opposition doesn't have a full time job to go to...

I do drive (and it's cheap to do so as it's an electric car so in theory there's no reason not to go all over) but to me these are "get off your arse" games. Always think there are much more interesting games I can play sat on the ol' tushie :)

We have a team plan for Saturday for the first time in ages, in the next town over, so that should be interesting

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The city centre crowd play on their breaks, too. Some while working. Ingress is also great on a bus, just blowing loads of shit up as you go, and hacking portals you pass.

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Re: Ingress Prime
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Glyphing and the strong shield have done a lot to kill the drive by game though. Both show that they want to encourage walking.

Re: Ingress Prime
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I was wondering if you were still playing UTT, what level you upto now?

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Got to level 10 tonight, just went round absolutely nuking City Centre, fun times. Built a good few fields too,  it I couldn't walk much today and speed was definitely not on my side, so I just dandered around blasting everything and left town a scorched earth.

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Re: Ingress Prime
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L15 now, but I'm rarely playing, no more than occasional 30 minute blast sessions around town - blue dominated here. they have several players all in the vicinity and it's just tied up all the time, with so few greens around there's never chance to build anything worthwhile. No real game to speak of, here. Your stuff gets knocked over pretty quick.

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A well timed meet (first time in ages!) occurred where 8 of us went around doing 18 missions to create a mission collage and turn nearby town green with lots of heavily shielded P8s. Great stuff, lots of fun for 5.5 hours, good exercise, bit wet at times but can’t win them all!

Lots of “who hasn’t deployed?” And “which idiot put a 6/7 on while I was trying to fill the reso slot?” Occurred it was pretty funny

I’m newly invigorated.

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Re: Ingress Prime
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I'm at level 3. How long would it take for me to add things for people to find? That's all I want to do, and the only reason I get the thing out from time to time. All that pissing about with triangles is basically just a means to that end.

Re: Ingress Prime
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Level 10 to submit portals.  It'll take a while and quite a lot of that triangle building....

Bit of a wasted day today.  Drove around all the anchors for the big ass fields that are always over the town preventing play, and the culprit just followed me around 10 minutes behind re-taking and re-linking it all.   At one point I circled back as she was right behind me so I thought "fine I'll give it a minute then re-take" and she literally just parked up behind me asking where we're going next.  Started bragging about being on disability benefits and literally having all the time and money in the world and just sat there like "your move".  So gave up and reported her for stalking...

Why must these games have weird/obnoxious people?   It's meant be fun and you just end up annoyed and creeped out as everything you do is undone anywhere between 10 seconds and 10 minutes later.

For now the fields are out of the way as a teammate was throwing blockers around while another one kept her busy exchanging abuse, but then I went into town and did a few minutes before realising she was just around the corner so got fed up and went home.

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Re: Ingress Prime
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Level 10 to submit portals.  It'll take a while and quite a lot of that triangle building....

Dang. Is there any limit to how many portals I can submit once I'm there?

Re: Ingress Prime
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Nope!  Fill your boots once you get there.

Think it took me a year or two...

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Can’t walk too much at the minute but spent hours fielding Bontanic Gardens, and had a blast. Made a lot of nested fields, and left turrets, force amps and shields everywhere. Whoever goes in to wreck it tomorrow will have to do some work for the AP.

Then I had to rush as much as I could for the last bus home, and I just started firing dozens of level 7 and 8 bursters as I went, leaving a trail of numbers and grey portals (didn’t even have time to stick one level 5 resonator down on most of them.)

It was fucking brilliant fun! I want to do more maxifielding and fan fielding, but generally spend too much time wrecking all the frog shit. But yeah, what a bloody game, I absolutely love it.

Re: Ingress Prime
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Looking forward to dabbling with Prime while away somewhere!  Think I'll give the main game a rest for now.  My stalker was out again this lunchtime poking her car out of back alleys watching my movements... part of me is of the pig headed "I'm not letting some a-hole chase me off the game, even if I have to get a restraining order" mindset, the other part is questioning the wisdom of playing a game where it's so easy to track an individual anyway, at least in your home town.

Re: Ingress Prime
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I always wanted some Quantum Capsules, and people had promised to giver them st some point. In fact I had an offer today, then ten minutes later I hacked one.

Then another.

And then another on the way home...!

They must have turned the drop rate up at the minute, they are usually something like 10,000 to 1 chance. Three in one day is unreal. I've started loading them up :-D

Was aching today but spent hours playing anyway, hours and hours fielding the Cathedral Quarter. Absolutely loved it, smashed so much green stuff too, then just built field after field after field.

Re: Ingress Prime
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Couldn't get out much this week but was feeling better today so spent a good while playing after my EX Raid. Mostly just building, I really enjoy making nested fields, they look great too.

I have a truce with the frog guy who lives near me, he had a very complex build which looked wicked, and he didn't want it getting wrecked. Fair enough. Well today one of his mates wrecked all my work on the estate, so I spent an hour or two walking around fixing it. Then went off to get a Chansey quest and field a park. While I was away, another guy dropped by to upgrade the frogs stuff. He's always wrecking my builds, and smashed the stuff I'd just fixed and more besides. Fine. Then the original guy came by again at 1am and did some more wrecking, plus took all the keys and put down only one reso on each portal, the tit.

So I cycled down and absolutely nuked my frog neighbours build in a retaliatory strike. Felt a bit bad as he's an okay guy, and put a lot of work in, but so did I, and I don't have a car! And a games a game. If there's gonna be a truce then people need to stick to it. I was happy enough to coexist locally, and save the fighting for town and anywhere outside of this area.

Hacked another quantum capsule btw, yeooo. Almost gold on glyph hacking now, got my gold wallet badge, and only need 50,000 ap for level 11.

Re: Ingress Prime
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Double AP event until tomorrow night! And you can deploy double l7 and l8 resos!

Got my gold glyph hacking badge last night and hit level 11, yeoooo.

Re: Ingress Prime
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Look at Ireland and Northern Ireland on the intel map! Absolutely amazing BAF by toad bastards.

Re: Ingress Prime
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This is what I was talking about above:

You can’t link from inside a field, so everyone just had to wait until it was taken down a few hours later.

I’m really glad I can start playing again, I’ve got a lot better at putting up layers now. Had a nice adventure a couple of months ago where we hired a boat and went out to the Copland Islands, to retake Mew lighthouse. It’s a weird little place, like fucking Narnia or something, and it only cost us £15 each as there was so many of us.

Getting onto the island was hairy, we had to stand on the front of the boot and jump over to the moss-covered stones. The boat was so low in the water it scraped the ground, so we had to wait there for a few hours for the ride to come back in, before we could leave. A bloody great adventure! Signal over there is very spotty, so we were all standing up on rocks and doing all sorts of stuff just to get a bar or two.

Re: Ingress Prime
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A few photos, click the IRL ones for bigly.

I needed a gold medal to level up, and the Mind Controller badge is a real slog for me as I don’t have a car. Luckily one of the guys is a real team player, and very kindly handed me a bunch of keys, and so here’s what I did with them:

Re: Ingress Prime
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Eyy good stuff.  I don't mind BAFs, they're short lived and hard earned.  It's when people leave big fields over towns just to suffocate them that it gets on my nerves..

Wonder how they're getting on with Prime.... one minute I heard it was almost due for release, then nothing

Re: Ingress Prime
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Still scheduled for October, last I heard.

One thing I love is the scale of the game. If you look at the screenshot of the fields we made from Mew, it was obviously a big deal, and it totally screws the frogs here locally. We got it organised fairly quickly, and all met up down in Bangor at a designated time, while maintaining radio silence, i.e. Only hacking portals rather than attacking or capturing so we wouldn't give away any clues as to what was going on.

But then look at the second pic of the BAF and you can see how small those fields actually are. You can hardly see them because my player cursor almost covers them. And they even added in layers, I was in awe of the spectacle and coordination, it was amazing.

Re: Ingress Prime
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Yesterday the frogs out on a show of strength, the likes of which I have not observed before. From about 2pm until midnight, a group of about 9 or 10 of them swept through the city centre like a plague, setting up and fortifying a central column of level 8 portals with much link mitigation and many AXA shields.

I thought, Jesus, they're setting up for a BAF here. I suspect one might come in today.

However once they finished town, they got in cars and drove east through Belfast, firing level 8 bursters as they went. Now, the east is very blue - was very blue - and I am one of them guys who loved to keep it that way. I'd been down earlier in the day patching up the route to town, fixing up all the level 7 and level 8 portals with mods and more link mitigation.

Boom, all gone. All of it. I travelled home under a dark sky in Ingress, where previously all was blue.

So it's great in a way, cause now there's lots to do! It was just an awesome sight to behold, too.

Re: Ingress Prime
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So, turns out Prime is shit and now pay to win as well. RIP...

Re: Ingress Prime
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After a lot of waking and doing cycling and overnight ops on my bike, cycling around like a madman, I finally got my platinum illuminator at the end of last month. This was a big moment for me - 1 million MU - I often wondered if it was possible without a car. But I grinded it out. People offered me keys for big fields but I turned most of them down, and wanted to feel like I really earned it. Finally, I got it, and I was very proud. I got my Onyx Translator a month or so before that too, and I’m now over halfway through L15.

This week has been something else. At about 3am this morning, I got my Onyx Illuminator!!!!

Twice now they’ve taken the BAFs down, and we had them up again within hours :-D
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Re: Ingress
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Mad.  Good work

Back in the game since some gear codes got me out of a rut, slowly crawling up to 15.  Also very glad for the existence of the Redacted scanner :)