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Re: Wrestling Thread: the New Generation
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From Rousey's latest YouTube video:

I get that it's storyline. But it's still shit.

That’s so fucking stupid.


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Re: Wrestling Thread: the New Generation
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So stupid....

We all know kayfabe is illogical shit that WWE don't care about and the line is more blurred than ever but I don't see how having a wrestler literally say what they and their colleagues do is fake and scripted can be good, in any way.

Oh well, anyone watch NXT this week? Dusty Tag Team Classic started. First episode was 4 solid tag matches

Street Prophets Vs Moustache Mountain
Forgotten Sons Vs Burch & Lorcan
Ricochet & Black Vs The European Union (Barthel & Aichner)
#DIY Vs Undisputed Era

Make an effort to watch the DIY match...and then cry when you realise Ciampa is now injured for 9 months.

Re: Wrestling Thread: the New Generation
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I can't deny this is some dumb shit but as a fan of watching dumb shit more than I am a fan watching WWE that has just made the whole thing even funnier for me. Ronda talking about kayfabe makes her look like a total fucking idiot but an idiot I want a lifer pro-wrestler like Becky to smash at Mania.

This is why Ronda is a natural heel though. She IS a dick. Not a horrible person but a bit of dick. It's why she was a great fighter for a while and why she quit UFC having lost. She is precious. Determined. It's what made her a legit champion but a bad loser. It reminds me a little of when everyone hated Andy Murray for being a bad loser but over time it just mean't that he became a good winner. She is the same in reverse but its built on that same mindset that lesser sporting types pay psychologists millions to instil in them.

If this gets heat of the wrestling nerds then Im all for it; I've been laughing at marks thinking this is all a legit shoot feud but that video even has me questioning if she is being scripted or not. If it makes for great Mania match great; it if means the demise of WWE even better. It would be funny as fuck. The problem with the death of WCW was if you were watching it at the time it was just shite; but if you watch it back now, knowing it was a company that was literally dying on its way out its a gripping, fascinating watch. That is the lens through which we should watch WWE.

They literally fuck everything up. It's brilliant. And ironically for a "fake" reality it's mirroring the actual reality of what is happening in the real world more than we want to admit. We are fucked. Economically, politically, environmentally; so just enjoy the ride.


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Re: Wrestling Thread: the New Generation
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Looks like we have been drafted to the new brand!,72063.0.html