Author Topic: Children's transport-themed game book, probably European I guess  (Read 317 times)

Norton Canes

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Bit of a long shot this, not sure why it's popped into my head all of a sudden, but when I was a child back in the 70's yes it was that long ago I had this hardback book where each double-page spread was a transport-themed game with cardboard pieces you had to cut out. Most of the games were a bit more involved than the usual roll-and-move - some were more like puzzles (move so many railway carriages into a siding, that sort of thing) where others were moving pedestrians across roads etc. Thing is I'm sure it was a (translated) European book because a) the designs of the trains/trams etc. were unfamiliar and b) they were more complex sort of games, in keeping with the Euro game ethic.

Anyway there, plenty to go on. Thank you.