Author Topic: The wankest film idea ever conceived? Danny Boyle's Ed Sheeran Beatles thing  (Read 38544 times)

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The irritating thing is that the film bears no trace of Boyle's usual style. He seems to have been on complete autopilot for a shit film, which he chose to do over the Bond film he was trying to talk the Broccolis into.

Yes this was the most disappointing thing for me. I love Danny Boyle. His style of directing is electric - not least in that series he did about the John Paul Getty kidnapping last year. So I was prepared to put up with some shit Richard Curtis bollocks in order to see what Boyle did with it. But, frankly, if I didn't know any better I'd have thought Curtis had directed it himself. So disappointing. Was he stepped on by the studio or something? Anyone read anything about this?