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Charles Willeford
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I read 'Miami Blues' a few weeks ago and enjoyed how it was largely told in a way that had empathy for the villain, despite him being a total scumbag. I haven't committed to reading his entire output yet because my stack of other unread stuff is huge, but what should I read next if I do? Start back in his 1950s phase or complete the 80s first?

Here is a good article on him:

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I really enjoyed The Woman Chaser and The Black Mass of Brother Springer.


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The other Hoke Mosely books are all good as I recall. The Burnt Orange Heresy is a really unusual crime novel, a real one off. I remember Cockfighter being good as well.

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He apparently wrote a career-killing novel about Hoke just fucking losing it and killing everyone, but it remained unpublished. This is a dim memory so will have a google to see if I'm right...

Fuck! It sounds grimmer than I remembered.Can't imagine why he thought this would be the follow-up to Miami Blues. Funny that Hoke goes to see CaB favourite Local Hero at the cinema towards the end of his spree...