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Re: My Dad Wrote A Porno... on HBO
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The whole MDWAP thing has always come across as too self aware for my taste. They seem like people who hit upon the idea as a good way of advancing their media careers rather than doing it for its own sake.
Levine was already a Radio 1 DJ before the podcast started though, I think? I'd have thought this sort of thing would be fodder for the Murdoch press's endless campaign against the BBC and would be unlikely to advance her career, but I admit to not knowing a lot.

I really like it and have enjoyed pretty much every episode. Emma Thompson said she'd met the aforementioned Dad at a live show, so unless she's in on the scam for some reason, I'm going to say it's actually the Dad's work. If they'd written it, it'd have all sorts of modern sexuality in it - if they're playing the part of a man in his 60s writing porn, along with the chapters about the sort of job the Dad used to do with almost no sex in it, they're incredibly talented.

What they claim is that he wrote the first four books before the podcast started, so I think anything past 4 is going to be self-aware and almost unbearable (like "Trapped In The Closet" when R Kelly tried to get in on the joke), but I've got no reason to think it's anything other than what it claims to be.