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Re: Has gaming plateaued?
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Yes. (Trivially. If you want you can fuss about the nature of the procedure and the level of design required of that.)

The more interesting question is what would be the point? That kind of replayability (to do with particular kind of lack of information and discovery as a mechanic) and generativeness should serve some kind of purpose.

OK, obviously yes from an RNG POV, but we can look at Bloodborne to see how badly the procedural areas in the Chalice Dungeons suffer in comparison to the handcrafted main levels. We're nowhere near that level of sophistication in that kind of game and why even bother with that 'randomly curated' approach?

Re: Has gaming plateaued?
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The cost element has forced developers into a very tight corner, "they had skill trees, look how much they sold", different times, without stating the obvious. Japan at least can experiment more without financial risk, but in the west its not so much the case.

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Re: Has gaming plateaued?
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The point about procedural stuff is interesting because I have wondered about this before. Would any procedural software ever be able to design a world as tightly connected and atmospherically diverse yet cohesive as Dark Souls 1?

I mean, I'm talking about 30+ years into the future here. Or more. But yes, I think it could get seriously good. But I'm talking proper sci-fi stuff.

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Re: Has gaming plateaued?
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*Tiptoes nervously into Technology forum, bumps old thread and runs away*

Apologies if inappropriate blah blah, please feel free to remove. As part of the London Games Festival, some games designers I know are exhibiting a new game at this, allegedly the latest in experimental games design, and I thought it might be of interest to some of you. I doubt I'll return to this thread so probably best if you PM me any sneering comments you'd like me to read.


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Re: Has gaming plateaued?
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Not precise but here's how it's felt:

1980-1990 - huge advance in gameplay, processing power, and the basis of computer gaming, innovation and new possibilities being explored - but not necessarily realism. By the end of the decade it is already incredibly difficult for bedroom producers to match the quality of content
1990-2000 - 3D, multiplayer online gaming up and running in a huge way by the end of the decade, major improvement in peripherals, fmv
2000-2010 - improve in cinematics and the integration of the experience. Environmental elements now able to be part of the gameplay. Vanishing loading times, more coherent online experience, more add-on packs augmenting games. More monetisation (yuk)
2010-2018 - progress now incremental and less attention paid to progressing graphics outside of AAA titles and big budget publishers. Indie games make a comeback and progress is directed at mobile gaming, hyper casual type stuff. Another crack at VR, making it possibly only a generation away from being a typical part of most gamers experience

2019 - real life, mate