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I SHOULD ADD more to this post about Trust, the Donald Sutherland-fronted, Danny Boils-produced series about the Getty kidnapping, but I won't just yet. I'm tired! I failed to see another thread on it.

Except to say that it's really good; better and more involving characters and performances than All the Money in the World, fun, funny, horrible and murderous and beautiful all together. Donnie S is terrific and has truly mastered the art of how to best say the word, "Negotiate."

It's on iPlayer for a couple more months, and I had a hand with the edit. Couldn't see another thread. Patrick Marber, Big Suze and Tim Key have small roles, whilst Hilary leads a Swanky ensemble.


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Re: Trust
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It got a mention in the James Lavelle thread in Oscillations, cos he did the music.

I'm quite enjoying it...